Sunday, August 15, 2010

music games - Jack Glue

When I was music minister at GLC, we used to play a creative game with the team.  We'd do word association with two different people saying the first thing that came to mind, and then one person would be required to write something (anything) creative that week based on the two words.  It could be a song, or a poem, etc.  Alvin (lots of love, bro) brought it to the group as something he'd picked up from Nickel Creek.  It was a blast and really made me stretch.  I ran across some of the crazy ones I came up with at the time.  The song below was written to use the words "jack" and glue".  For your enjoyment, the "Jack Glue Song".  I wish I had written down the music.  lol

Jack Glue Song

verses in 4/4 chorus in 6/8

Jack slipped to the end of his rope
Tied a knot and gave up hope
Seven steps for his efficacy
And all that's cool on MTV
Could not change what all could see
His children grow in effigy
In the darkness and despair
Concession turns to silent prayer...and he says

Sniffing glue was never Jill's thing
Still she sought joy in shallow things
The lifestyle from a magazine
She said 'I do' to a diamond ring
12 years later with nothing to show
But a broken home and some guy named Joe
An SUV and two point five
she says there must be more to life...then she prays

Jack and Jill walk up life's hill
Sometimes it's a struggle still
But when they slip and should they fall
By Your grace they'll carry on
When they gave up on themselves
You saved them from a life of hell
'tho penitence is less than cool
They're living life by different rules...saying

Lord I give my life to You
Take it over make me new
I've done my best
still I've found no rest
I'm giving my heart to You

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Josh Vaughn said...

how don chaffer of you. :)